Olmitos, NUNA exclusive distributor for Spain

Productos Nuna
Productos Nuna

Olmitos has reached an agreement with the Dutch brand NUNA to become exclusive distributor of its products in Spain. From this November it is now available baby care products catalog of this Brand which offer high quality products with a innovative design.

To extend these items for Spain, it has been created within the Group Olmitos a new distributor with the name of NIU, formed by a network of independent sales, which will be responsible for introducing and keeping track of sales NUNA brand.

From Olmitos it has made a selection of specialized sales points in childcare, which are those that work the brand, to offer the final consumer a differentiated product in quality and minimalist design, in line with new trends. In these stores we can find strollers, hammcoks, travel cots, car seats and high chairs, among other items, with which  NUNA has conquered the market childcare.

NUNA was born in Holland in 2007 with the launch of an innovative highchair that also incorporate the baby to the table, thanks to its elegant style, fits perfectly in the environment of the new homes. Since then, its products continue to incorporate a unique design, but always providing the simplicity of use and maximum safety for children. As their product line has been expanded, it has also been growing level of demand. For this reason, NUNA strives to continuously improve their materials and production processes, carefully selecting and passing the most demanding tests of product in the sector to be the toughest in the industry.

Throughout the years, faithful to the rule “less is more” , from its Dutch designers, has allowed Nuna become a complete collection of high quality and unique design for babies. A collection looked for by parents with impeccable taste who aspire to live his new life with the baby following the philosophy of the NUNA brand: smart, safe, simple and attractive.

Its main task is to solve real problems, their products simply must help make the job of the new parents, facilitating the daily life with the new family member.


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